Our Toci Team

Diana Adkins

Traveling this world has taught her to love the diversity of humankind and to find the magic held in all of our varying ways and beliefs. Diana has studied and works easily within many traditions, styles and formats: Toltec, Celtic, Christianity, Buddhism, Native American, Wiccan, Sufism and more. Draw on Diana's experience and compassionate support to open ever more deeply to the truth of who you really are, creating a life of joy and abundance rather than fear and disillusionment.
Visit her website at www.makeitsacred.com

Nikko Bivens

Nikko has been joyfully journeying toward Awakening for most of her life. Her long time Aikido practice deeply informs her being; expressed as flow, presence, and lots of energy. Through the Toltec path she has honed her energetic perceptions, her love of life, and her gleeful joy into a cohesive gift she offers to all who work with her.

Her invitation is come Play with her in the Truth of our being. Together, let us find Clarity, Joy, Passion, and the commitment to move those energies out into the world.

In addition to being a teacher through the Toltec Center, Nikko's love of fire led her to become a Sundoor Certified Master Firewalk Instructor.

Visit her website at www.primordialnature.info

Anthony Flores

Anthony Flores is a dreamer and explorer of the non-ordinary within the ordinary. He is Sundoor certified firewalk instructor and has been actively involved in the many manifestations of the Toltec Center since 1997. In personal movements of fully realizing spirit within body and body within spirit he employs specifically the Toltec tradition, Fine arts training, and love of magic and the stars to strengthen alignment with the Divine. He uses Unique expressions of spirit to help others become comfortable within a world that can appear uncomfortable and daunting.

River Menks

River Menks is a compassionate and loving guide; direct with her insights and listens to what’s not said as well. Her passion and joy are contagious, and it is a deep love and inspiration of hers to work with others along their path. River's intent is to encourage and empower those she works with. Since 2003 she has studied intensely with HeatherAsh Amara and Raven Smith; River teaches Toltec Shamanism with the Austin Toltec Teachers Circle and is a Sundoor Certified Firewalk Instructor offering workshops, classes, and public firewalks.

Laura Toups

Laura has always been searching for the messengers; finding teachers and experiences to support a connection to the Divine. The flow of her life has been guided by a deep connection to nature as she has explored the creation of sacred space in the natural and built environment. Her studies of sound healing, death and dying and the Toltec teachings have rooted her more deeply into her spiritual path. Her purpose is to create and hold the opportunity for people to connect to their own unique spirit.

Arielle Webb

Arielle Webb is a spiritual coach, healer, and teacher. Utilizing a foundation of Toltec Shamanism and Spiritual Integrity, she incorporated many other practices and traditions including Buddhism, Sacred Sexuality, as well as other Shamanic traditions. Since 2006, she has been teaching, practicing, and apprenticing in the Toltec tradition on her spiritual path with HeatherAsh Amara and Raven Smith. She has a background in mental health, has training in crisis management, experience working with kids and adolescence in a mental health setting, and is certified as a sex educator through San Francisco Sex Information. Her passion and inspiration come through sacred service supporting and providing openings for empowerment, freedom, transformation.
Visit her website at www.holdingsacredspace.com

Amy Zielinski

Amy Zielinski is a passionate seeker, journeyer, and guide who travels into all realms, most significantly that of infinite possibility. An archaeologist and art historian specializing in ancient spiritual traditions and rituals, she is blessed to share her twenty years of experience working extensively with these time-honored practices as a life coach, writer, educator, and Sundoor-certified Firewalk Instructor. She compassionately supports individuals walking spiritual paths as they experience life transitions, bereavement, parenthood, or chronic illness. Her calling is to joyfully radiate divine love... right here, right now!
Visit her website at amyssacredspace.blogspot.com